Binary packages for GCC snapshots

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This page links to binary packages for some popular GNU/Linux distributions, built from recent snapshots of GCC’s development trunk. These builds are provided for testing purposes, but are an experiment and might not get updated and might even get taken down.

Only the C and C++ compilers are included, and only for x86_64, in a single large package. I don’t intend to split them up into smaller packages, because the aim is just to provide a testable compiler.

Reporting bugs

If you find bugs in GCC itself please report them to GCC Bugzilla but for problems with how these packages are built please use the GitHub issues tracker.


Experimental and potentially unstable

These packages are provided to make it easier for people to try out the latest GCC code (e.g. in Travis CI) but are not supported, neither by the GCC project nor by me. Please test your code with them and provide feedback (e.g. if you have valid code that no longer compiles, or runs slower, or faster!) but don’t rely on these packages for your production builds.

For serious purposes you should use supported packages provided by your linux distribution vendor, or make your own builds of GCC and support them yourself.

Dynamic linking

You need to be aware that binaries created by this snapshot compiler will not know how to find the shared library by default. This can result in errors complaining about GLIBCXX_3.4.26 not being found. This is because these packages install libraries to /opt/gcc-latest/lib64 and doesn’t search in that directory by default. This can be solved by using LD_RUN_PATH or -Wl,-rpath (when linking), or LD_LIBRARY_PATH (when running the executables), or by using -static to create static binaries that don’t depend on at all. See Finding Dynamic or Shared Libraries in the libstdc++ manual for more details.

Checking enabled

GCC pre-release snapshots have lots of additional checking enabled in the compiler, which slows the compiler down considerably. Please do not report problems with slow compile times using these packages, unless you’re comparing apples to apples (e.g. comparing to another pre-release build with checking enabled).


The latest snapshot is:

  GCC 13-20220807 Snapshot

  This snapshot has been generated from the GCC 13 git branch
  with the following options:
  git:// branch master revision ef54eb74cab1

RPM packages for Fedora, RHEL, CentOS, and openSUSE are built and hosted in the jwakely/gcc-latest COPR.

A .deb package for Ubuntu 16.04 is hosted on my personal site (because large binaries can’t be stored in a GitHub repo):

The unversioned URL can be used in scripts and will redirect to the latest .deb file. To download from the unversioned URL but use the real filename use:

  wget --content-disposition

Source code

The sources for these packages can be found in the Git repository (at the revision above) or in the corresponding directory at

The script to create these packages is on GitHub (along with any patches applied to the upstream sources).

Travis CI integration

To use these packages with Travis CI on GitHub you can download and install the gcc-latest.deb package in the install phase.

A simple .travis.yml file using this package might look like:

    language: cpp
    os: linux
    dist: xenial

    - |
      wget \
      && sudo dpkg -i gcc-latest.deb
      export PATH=/opt/gcc-latest/bin:$PATH
      export LD_RUN_PATH=/opt/gcc-latest/lib64

    - |
      make check